Co-founded by Alia Mahuna-Cantu and Holly Haber, Cocktails & Conversation events aim to provide a casual space to learn about all things real estate. From the basic home buying process to advanced topics like taxes, trusts, vacation homes, and more!


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Mocktails and Conversation: How To Buy a House at 18 Years Old

Dates: April 25-26, 2024

Private High School Event




Alia Mahuna-Cantu

Windermere West, LLC

Holly Headshot

Holly Haber

Windermere West, LLC

Dave small

Dave Duty

Loan Officer
Root Mortgage


John VanderZanden

Loan Officer
Mortgage Express


Matt McKean

McKean and Knauup Attorneys


Cris Gonczi

General Contractor
PDX Restoration Group /        PDX Remodeling and Design

Previous Events

Exploring Homeownership

  • Understanding the general home buying process.
  • How to finance your first home?
  • What do Realtors and lenders do for you?
  • Understanding real estate as a wealth-building tool.
  • Loan options and financing with Dave Duty (Root Mortgage)

Stepping Stones To Your Dream Home

  • Understanding today's market.
  • What do high interest rates mean for you?
  • Knowing when it's a good time to buy.
  • Understanding real estate as a wealth-building tool.
  • Loan options and financing with Dave Duty (Root Mortgage)

Young Investor: Strategies For The Upper Hand

  • How do young people invest in real estate?
  • What's the advantage of starting young?
  • Explaining the House Hacking strategy.
  • How to take advantage of TIME
  • Financing 101 with John VanderZanden (Mortgage Express)

How To Buy A House At 18 Years Old

  • What is credit and why is it so important?
  • Ways to start building credit early.
  • What are the low down payment options?
  • How to buy a house: the transaction process and financing.
  • Ways to fund your first purchase

Protecting Your ASSets

  • Learn how to structure your estate and ways to avoid probate.
  • What is a trust, and how does it protect you?
  • How can an attorney help you?
  • Q+A with Matt McKean

Strategies For Wealth Building

  • Learn how to financially plan for your first or next home in this market.
  • How to leverage current assets to purchase investment properties.
  • What can a financial advisor help you do?
  • Q+A with a Financial Advisor

Renovation Revelation

  • Learn how to maintain your home to avoid costly repairs.
  • How a general contractor can help buyers during the inspection period.
  • Which remodels and renovations have the best ROI?
  • Q+A with a general contractor.
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