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By the time I was going off to California for college I knew my goal was to own a home before I was 30 years old. While in school, I saved as much money as I could and continued to do so after graduation. By 2019, I was missing the Oregon seasons and my family, so I moved back to Portland to live with my parents until I could find a place to rent. At the time I was under the impression I needed to save a 20% down payment before I could buy a home. The problem? I could never out-save the market. The more I saved, the more expensive houses became. Only making $40,000/yr, I knew I was never going to come close. Discouraged, I reached out to a lender to see what it would take to buy my first home. To my surprise, I learned it was already a possibility. I was introduced to different loan options like the 3% down FHA loan, a 5% down conventional loan option, and explored other loan programs with my lender.

By October 2019, I purchased a small one-bedroom condo at just 22 years old. Far ahead of my initial goal, I set a new goal to own 2 properties by the time I was 30.

In 2020, with interest rates at a historical low my fiance’ and I began dreaming of owning a home together. Again, I reached out to a lender to see just how long it would take for us to be in a financial position to buy a home, and again to my surprise, we were already there. At this point, I was making $50,000/yr but with the help of the rental income from my condo, we were able to buy a two-bedroom townhouse using a 5% down conventional loan.

Now at 27 years old, I own 3 properties with a real estate portfolio worth over $1.5 Million. The real estate industry excites me and the idea of building generational wealth for my family through real estate is what keeps me eager to continue to build my portfolio.

Why Am I Telling You This? Many people are in the same position I was- dreaming of the day they would be in a financial position to buy their own home and unaware it’s already possible! I believe being transparent with my journey is so important to bring awareness to young adults of the affordability and financial benefits of owning a home.

Of course, there is so much more to my story. Having a good credit score, keeping your debt low, interest rates, savings, and so many other factors play a role in your purchase ability. Whether you are ready to buy, or questioning your financial position, I have the resources to help you. When the time is right, I am here to help you start your real estate journey!

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